About Us

It all started in 2010 when former web hosting industry veteran decided to move from employee to owner. In a matter of months the first FlexiHost website, packages, and feature set was developed. By creating competitive packages, selecting the right partners, and hiring the first round of employees FlexiHost quickly gained a great reputation with both customers and with industry analysts.

Internally discussions started about how FlexiHost would be able to truly be a different company and what types of things we could do that would provide "unique" feature sets exclusive to the FlexiHost hosting platform.

Where's your website really hosted? Is it in the US? Possibly Europe or Asia? Well FlexiHost is just around the corner, in one of the best data centres in Christchurch, reducing latency issues and ensuring you know exactly where your data is. Read more about hosting your site offshore.

Whether you have a business idea, are starting a business or doing some freelance work for a client, building a domains portfolio is important. Our cheap domain names prices mean you can register more at lower prices and start protecting valuable intellectual property or a future business idea, without it costing the earth. FlexiHost isn't just about cheap domains, our domain registration process is fast and seamless.

We are proud to provide small business, real estate and personal web hosting at incredibly low prices. We also provide email hosting and corporate Web Site Hosting. We have a hosting plan to fit every size website. We serve all of New Zealand and the world with quality affordable Web Site Hosting, domain names and registration services. We also offer low cost SSL Certificates. In fact many non-hosting clients use these services as they are the best and cost so little.

All credit card payments are managed through DPS New Zealand, this means that your credit card details are fully secure when you pay online. For security reasons, we do not hold or store any credit card details ourselves.

Our data center is Located in Christchurch, New Zealand. Our support team and head office are located in Auckland, New Zealand and are here to support all businessees NZ wide with quality, reliable web hosting services.

Web Site Hosting

We began hosting from the stand point of a webmaster or a web customer. As we all started as a team of web designers. We knew what we liked and disliked in a hosting company. So that is how we set the foundation of our Web Site Hosting division. We knew that customers wanted a variety of Web Site Hosting plans, at the lowest price available, they wanted Cheap Quality Web Site Hosting. In addition, users needed top quality support and security. They wanted to know that their web hosting would be monitored around the clock. That staff were at hand and on location 24/7. They can rest assured that what they store on their account and our servers will be secure. Along with staff and support, is top level service. Knowing that when your domain name is entered into a browser, your website comes up as expected. So with our 99% uptime commitment, that is what you get. You can rest easy knowing our staff is watching over your web site and server. As always, keep in mind it is your web hosting. Your hosting being the best is what sets us apart, and above the rest. Take Control of your Web Site Hosting!